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Mega-Vendor™ vending systems are revolutionizing the method for selling items in unattended areas such as carwashes, rest stops, golf courses, small airports, etc.

The Mega-Vendor™ with a combination of “Guaranteed to Vend” Sensit Technology and physical security creates the opportunity to sell virtually any items that will physically fit in the machine. Items such as carwashing supplies, snacks, road maps, cell phones, tire repair kits, etc. are currently being sold in the Mega-Vendor™ system.

All Mega-Vendor™ models include a 3 year warranty on the refrigeration, electronic board and sensors and a 1 year warranty on the rest of the machine. Also included on all models, the Coinco Vantage Bill Acceptor and a Coinco Coin Validator – which can be programmed to accept tokens.